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Photo Competition

Boekestijn Transport Volvo

The Photo Competition started. The Competition is about who can send the best looking photo of a Boekestijn Truck. See the attachment below for the complete information.

New Workshop

Garage Boekestijn Transport

After a growth of the overall Fleet of Boekestijn Transport Service in the lasts two years, of over 50%, the current maintenance location has become to small. The complete fleet is coming to the 300 vehicles, which are mainly serviced in our own workshop.

Closure offices Chamber of Commerce

Boekestijn Scania

In the near future there will close many offices of the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. This means the possibility of certification and legalisation of your EUR.1., EUR-MED, CVO and invoices will dissappear.

New styled Trailer

Boekestijn Fashion

Boekestijn Transport chose for a new style of marketing for one trailer of Boekestijn Fashion Logistics.

10 new DAF's

Boekestijn DAF + Trailer

Boekestijn Transport invests in 10 new DAF Trucks

Almost at the end of the most quite month in Transport business, Boekestijn Transport invested in 10 new DAF Trucks. To be prepared for the upcoming business in the next months extra equipment is needed and provided now.

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