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Boekestijn Transport Service is founded in 1994. At the very beginning there were two trucks driving in order of Boekestijn. After always holding on to the slogan of our company, which is: We drive for you so your wishes are our commands, our company grew into a common seen shipping-agent on the roads of Europe.

In the year of 2000 Boekestijn opened a office in Pniewy, Poland. Beside the office in Mill a part of the planning and controlling trucks was taken over by this office. Nowadays the location has grown so much that a move to the big city Poznan became necessary. The location in Mill has also expanded but never moved from his original place. In 2007 the fashion transporter R&W Fashion Transport  was merged into Boekestijn Transport. This fashion logistics is specialized on moving confection, both hanging and boxed clothes, and drives most times to the former Eastern-Europe.

In 2008 truck number 100 was delivered at Boekestijn Transport. Nowadays the fleet has over 150 own trucks. For the maintenance of all this trucks and trailers Boekestijn has his own workshop where we fix not only our own trucks but also trucks and trailers from third parties. There is also an own depot in Mill so we can meet al the requests of our customers.

The trucks of Boekestijn Transport have been everywhere for you, from the Oeral to Gibraltar en from Turkey to Finland. It is the challenge for us to complete all your wishes, even when you want to transport a formula 1 car to Monza or the materials of the national soccer team to Belarus. When you want a little impression of were our trucks drive nowadays, please take a look at our Google map at the homepage.

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