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Tracking and Tracing

Realtime positioning

All our units are equipped with a satellite communication system from Qualqomm. This systems enables us to make pinpoint positionings of our trucks everywhere in Europe. We always know exactly where our trucks and where you cargo is.

The development in these kinds of systems is ever growing. We have started to equip our trucks with the latest system on driving registration, where the data is uploaded by the driver is directly available through the internet.

For high value cargo and for temperature controls we equipped a number of trucks with the GE Verywise system. a stand alone system, that also works without a truck attached to the trailer. This systems transmits a continu stream of data. Data like the exact temperature in two positions within the trailer, doors closed or opened, trailer attached to the truck and much more. Security is possible because the system can detect closed or opened doors and provides us with e-mail or textmessages, so we can take direct action to avoid any problems.

Our customers can login to this system.

Login here at Qualcomm.


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