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Neutral transport

Boekestijn Transport Service has been active as a neutral transporter since 1998 where we truck different trailers. We perform our services as a neutral company towards our clients and act in their name too. By using the different possibilities of our fleet whit its mix of Dutch and Polish trucks, we can provide several benefits in our rates. A clear win-win situation for both parties.

All trucks that are used for the trucking service are equipped with a B3 alarm and tracking & tracing. Our drivers are qualified for the transport of ADR goods and the standard ADR equipment is present on every truck. The communication between driver and client is directed from the homebase in Mill, where our team can provide the driver with the latest information on roadconditions or directions. This provides us with a high service level for a reasonable price.

All forms of trucking are negiotiable like standplace, loading, unloading, continued transport, accompinied or unaccompanied transport etc... If you are interested, please contact us. We are willing to give you any kind of information!

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